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Travel Expenses for Medical Expense

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In what situations can you claim?

If you drive over 40 kilometers from home to obtain medical treatments, you may be eligible to claim your travel expenses as medical expense. In order to claim the travel expenses as medical expense, the following conditions must be met:

  • Substantially equivalent medical services are not available near your home;
  • You took a reasonably direct travelling route; and
  • It is  reasonable, under the circumstances, for you to have travelled to that place for those medical services.

The travel expenses of an attendant who accompanied you on the trip may also be claimable if:

A medical practitioner certifies in WRITING that you were incapable of travelling alone to obtain medical services.

Only expenses of trips that you are accompanied can be claimed by the attendant. If the attendant comes to visit you during your stay in the medical facility, the travel expenses incurred are not eligible for medical expense.

What type of expenses can you claim?

Depending on the distance of travel, the type of travel expenses can be claimed is different.

  • When one way distance > 40, you can ONLY claim vehicle expenses
  • When one way distance > 80km, you can claim vehicle expenses AND accommodation, meals and parking

How much can you claim?

Vehicle expenses and meal

You can choose to use simplified method or detailed method. See the link below for details and rates.

Compare the amount that can be claimed under each method and use the one that’s more beneficial.

  • Receipts are required for detailed method.
  • Under simplified method, support for vehicle expenses claimed, such as mileage log, may be requested.
  • Parking and accommodation
    • You can claim the reasonable amount of parking and accommodation expenses.
    • Receipts are required.
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