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A Business Use For GPS Systems

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Normally you would think of a GPS system as a useful tool in your own vehicle to get you where you are going.

GPS systems have become very sophisticated and are now being used within business operations, but not in a way you would traditionally expect.

In a company where you have one or more vehicles out on the road most of the day you may want to consider this option.  A tracking system using GPS technology is installed into each of your corporate vehicles which will then report to you, normally on a screen within your office, exactly where the vehicle is located at any point in time.

The information obtained can help in day to day management of your fleet and ensure that company assets are being used to the maximum benefit for the company.  Where service calls require quick response times, the system can show you which vehicle is in the best location to respond. If you are worried about where corporate vehicles are being taken on weekends and after work hours, this can be tracked and reported.  If idle time is a concern, this can be tracked, as can the speed of the vehicle (the maximum, the average etc).

Companies using these systems found that their labour costs can be better controlled and savings can be achieved for gas and vehicle maintenance expenses.  It is even possible to track employee hours worked for payroll purposes using these systems.

Clients we know who are currently using these systems have found the cost benefit to be very positive and would highly recommend them.

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