• limited liability – separates your personal assets from business and limits legal liability exposure to business assets only. Becomes even stronger factor if consider expanding the operations and hiring more staff. allows for flexibility in choice of compensation: timing of income – instead of getting your income when it’s received,
  • One often reads or hears about year end tax loss selling and the deadline to execute these kinds of trades that comes along each December.  Here’s what it’s all about. Taxpayers who have taxable capital gains in the current year from selling securities or who own mutual funds or income
  • Normally you would think of a GPS system as a useful tool in your own vehicle to get you where you are going. GPS systems have become very sophisticated and are now being used within business operations, but not in a way you would traditionally expect. In a company where
  • Don't be late
    If you are entitled to a refund, the earlier you file, the earlier you will get your money back from the Canada Revenue Agency (“the CRA”). The CRA is getting pretty quick at processing returns as they come in, but they are faster earlier in the tax season than they are later
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