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Passwords Made Easy

Are you up to your eyeballs in passwords that you can’t keep straight?

Do you reset your passwords more often than your alarm clock?

Then this blog is for you! We recently heard of a password solution that impressed us so much – we just had to share.

The key is remembering a simple formula that you will use for each password. First, you need to make some choices (come on now, you do have to remember something):

  1. Pick a short word that you can easily remember such asShip (initial caps is a good idea since some websites require at least one capital in the password). This is your password root;

  2. Pick a numeric string that means something to you. Let’s say, 1492;

  3. Then, pick a distinctive character, perhaps $;

  4. Now, use these pieces in a simple, easy to remember way to create a distinct and strong password for each website. Let’s use Amazon as an example:

  • Your password will start with the first two letters or characters of the URL. So, if you were logging into Amazon, the password would start with am
  • Now insert your rootShip
  • Then, insert the last character of the URL (just before the .ca or .com), in this case n
  • Finally, drop in your numeric string 1492followed by your special character $
  • So, your password for Amazon would be amShipn1492$ (for Kijiji it would be kiShipi1492$)

It’s absolute magic! Feel free to switch your initial formula around. Once you know the methodology, you are good to go with any variation. If you’re tired of writing down or forgetting endless passwords, why not give this a try and start enjoying the mental freedom of remembering your formula and forgetting endless passwords!

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