Welcome Citrix ShareFile!

ShareFile is fast, secure file sharing software customized specifically for accounting firms. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Files encrypted in transit using 256-bit SSL and industry-standard protocols
  • At rest, files will be protected using AES 256-bit encryption (the same protocol used by the United States government to secure highly classified files)
  • Send and receive secure files via email
  • Password protection to access files provides added security as files sit in your inbox
  • Secure client storage available (upon request)

By means of a Microsoft Outlook Plugin, we will be able to quickly exchange QuickBooks files, monthly statements, tax returns and more by a simple the click of a mouse.

Sending files to us has never been easier! Simply click on any one of our names below to send us your files.

We are confident that you will find ShareFile a breath of fresh air and will continue to have peace of mind knowing your files are safe and secure! Please call us if you have any questions.

Send your files securely to anyone on our team by clicking on their name below:
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