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ProfitCents Makes Profit Sense

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If you are a business owner, no doubt you are concerned about the financial health of your business. But how can you be sure your business is truly healthy and headed for growth? Could it be that you’ve been putting off asking your business advisor because the financial lingo, reports and graphs seem to too hard to understand? Maybe though, you enjoy the nitty-gritty of numbers and reports but are just not sure where to get accurate, helpful information. Or, like many of us, perhaps you feel you just don’t have the time. We feel your pain and want to help! That’s why we are introducing ProfitCents to business owners.

ProfitCents is a web-based suite of financial analysis solutions that Scarrow Yurman & Co. can use to assist business owners to get a deeper understanding of their over-all financial health and make better business decisions.

If financial information seems like another language to you, no worries. We can use this powerful tool to convert the financial numbers into plain language, so you can easily grasp your financial information. We can use ProfitCents sophisticated financial analysis, including financial projections and analytical procedures to:

  • Leverage industry benchmarks to compare your business with peers in your specific industry (over 1400 industries available)
  • Use a projection tool to perform “what-if” scenarios to show you how certain changes in your business can positively impact your financial condition
  • Help your business improve cash flow by identifying and prioritizing business improvements

Our Narrative Report

Once we have created a report specific with your business information, we will meet with you to clearly explain the results and answer any questions that you may have. Our typical report involves the following criteria:

  • Ratio & Liquidity Analysis – A measure of the company’s ability to meet obligations as they come due.
  • Profits & Profit Margin – A measure of whether the trends in profit are favorable.
  • Sales – A measure of how sales are growing and whether the sales are satisfactory.
  • Borrowing – A measure of how responsibly the company is borrowing and how effectively it is managing debt.
  • Assets – A measure of how effectively the company is utilizing its gross fixed assets.
  • Industry-Specific Performance Ratios – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the business being analyzed, and they are specific to the business’s industry and revenue. We will track these KPIs over time and compare them to the industry averages to identify areas where the business might be able to improve operations.

Don’t let the financial health of your business rob you of sleep any longer! Call Scarrow Yurman & Co. today to find out how we can help you help your business 905-475-5200.

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